Tips to Market Your Law Firm Online (And Get Leads)

The legal industry is a competitive playing field. Toronto alone has over 200,000 law firms all over the province. It can be a herculean task to get noticed in such a vast sea of competitors. 

The good news is you can tip the scale in your advantage and increase your chances of attracting your target clients by establishing your presence in the online sphere.

With digital marketing best practices, you can amplify your firm’s authority in your industry, get good leads, and turn those leads into actual clients. 

Whether you’re looking to ramp up your marketing efforts or dabble in digital marketing for the first time, here are some basic marketing tips to boost your online presence and get clients to find your law practice.

Build a Functional, User-Friendly Website.

The most basic strategy businesses need to employ to get a headstart in digital marketing is to create a website. It’s the most effective way to assert your presence online. A stunning website will help your clients to easily find you.

You can instantly create your own website using an HTML template. There are tons of templates available online which you could customize based on your preference. WordPress also allows users to build their own site without tinkering around the code. Remember to design your website according to your law firm’s branding standards.

Get listed on Google My Business to boost your chances of getting found online
(Credit: Nathana Rebouças | Unsplash)

Your Google My Business (GMB) profile serves as your online listing. When you get listed on GMB, you boost your chances of showing up on Google’s search results page each time users search for lawyer services within your location. 

When creating your GMB profile, add all important information about your business including a link to your lawyer website, social media pages, contact details, and office hours. Also, upload high-resolution images of your office front so people could easily recognize your business when they come to visit you.

GMB also enables users to write reviews about your services. These reviews are shown in the search results. This helps people learn more about you, developing trust toward your law firm.

Get Active on Social Media.

Social media is the ideal place to build your authority, reach your target clients, and connect and engage with your existing clients. There, you can post updates about your law firm’s activities and services as well as share relevant law news.

There are various social media platforms that businesses can leverage to strengthen their marketing efforts. The top ones include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Each platform allows you to connect with specific audiences. Choose which ones suit your needs and can give you the right tools to reach your target clients.

Facebook is a good place to build your social media presence, considering that almost half of the world’s population is on the platform. If building professional connections is more your thing, consider LinkedIn.

Learn and Implement SEO.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of search engine optimization (SEO). It is the method used to optimize a website and its pages to appear and get ranked in search engine results pages. 

Part of optimizing your website is searching for relevant search terms and phrases and adding them to your site’s content. This is important so that your law firm turns up when clients use these specific terms and phrases to find a lawyer.

Any business that follows these fundamental marketing practices takes them a step ahead of the competition. Make sure to develop a marketing strategy that’s aligned with your goals.