Online Marketing Tips to Grow Your Small Business

Online marketing is a powerful yet cost-efficient tool to grow small businesses
CREDIT: Kyle Ryan | Unsplash

If you are reading this, you may be a small business owner looking for tips to grow your company. 

Unlike decades ago when traditional marketing is the way to grow your business, today’s entrepreneurs have embraced online marketing to promote their businesses or launch new products and/or services to their target audience. 

Successful online marketing does not only focus on getting more leads and conversion but also on building your business brand and team. Although magazines and TV ads are still effective for small businesses, these old-school mediums are costly and do not have the same great benefits as online marketing. 

Here are several online marketing tips that will benefit your small business:

  • Do not forget to build your brand – When marketing a business online, many entrepreneurs tend to forget about building their business brand and focus on other aspects, such as creating landing pages, social media, setting up funnels, and email marketing. Unfortunately, many fail to realize having a strong brand helps increase your company’s value.
  • Call your audience to action – “Request a quote!” “Book an appointment today”  and “Sign up now to subscribe” are among the most popular call to actions used in websites to encourage potential customers to click. The marketing campaign is not complete without a call-to-action. It provides customers with a short and precise instruction to move them closer to becoming customers.
  • Give quick and compelling messages – A 2015 Microsoft study showed that the average person’s attention span is 8 seconds, making it important for online marketers to provide quick and compelling messages to their target audience. This means that you have only a few seconds to promote your business and establish a connection with your prospects. Make sure that your marketing materials are straightforward, engaging, and organized. The message of your business should convey a powerful feeling or encourage potential users to click through to your landing page. Just keep it short, direct, and simple.
  • Customize your landing pages – Writing an engaging Facebook post or ad is just half of the equation as you also require a relevant landing page. Make sure to invest more time building relevant landing pages for your online marketing campaign. For instance, for someone who runs a gardening store and makes infographics about what flowers are best to plant in March can include a link to your site for a web page content specific to that topic. Understand that marketing is more than just keeping your audience engaged—it also ensures that they make the best use of their time.
Use social media to expand your audience reach
CREDIT: dole777 | Unsplash
  • Be active on social media – Having a strong social media presence does not only help grow your clientele but your business, as well. You can use different social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote sales and special offers. Updating it regularly can help attract more target audience and engage your loyal customers. Sharing informative and relevant posts can help establish yourself as the local authority for your area of expertise. Also, make sure to respond promptly to comments. Being enthusiastic in responding to your audience helps strengthen your brand. Handling negative comments well is also beneficial to your brand as it shows your customers that you care and listen to them.