6 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic with SEO

SEO is key to maximizing the amount of traffic your site gets. Like other ways of optimizing your business, there are some things you can do to get the most out of your efforts. Here’s a list of ways you can optimize your SEO to help boost traffic coming to your site. 

1. Focus on local SEO

Local SEO is your most valuable tool for snagging qualified traffic. Focusing your efforts on local SEO makes it easier to market your business to customers in your local area, precisely the kind of customers you need. Remember to include local keywords in your content to make it easier for nearby customers to find you and do business. Another thing you can do is get listed on online directories like Google My Business. Not only does this help you get more attention from search engines, but your profiles also include links to your website. Make sure your name, contact info, and address stay consistent across your profiles to direct all that traffic to the same place. 

2. Optimize on-page SEO

The little details on your webpages matter, and getting them just right is key to scoring higher on search results. Pay close attention to on-page SEO elements like the meta description and image alt-text. These are great places to insert your keywords to get the attention of search engines and direct more relevant traffic your way.

Use social media to reach out to a wider audience
Credit: Austin Distel | Unsplash

3. Take advantage of social media

Social media provides excellent platforms for getting your name and content out on the wider internet. You can use sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to help promote your blog posts and webpages. This approach helps turn your social media audience into website visitors. Posting shareable content is also a convenient way to draw visitors from their networks and add some more visitors to your overall traffic. Social media platforms are also a great place to engage with your customers and connect with them on a personal level.

4. Build plenty of backlinks

One thing that search engines pay attention to is your site’s authority. Seeing other trusted sites linking back to yours makes you more of an authority in your field, something search engines regard positively. Creating more links to related businesses is also a great way to market your business to a wider crowd and drive qualified traffic from those sites to you.

Focus on creating quality content for your visitors
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5. Create quality content

Quality content is one of the biggest drivers of high search engine rankings. Creating good content (in the form of articles, videos, or how-to guides) is a powerful way of keeping your visitors engaged and interested for more of the same. As long as you consistently release good content, your visitors will keep coming back for more.

Regularly update outdated content to keep it fresh
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6. Update your old content

Other than your fresh content, outdated content can still be put to use to attract more traffic. Regularly updating your content to keep up with new information and trends is a great way to continue reaping the benefits. Historical optimization works best with websites that already have a large repository of old content, which also indicates a proportionate number of subscribers and followers. 

SEO is an invaluable tool for the modern business, and like any tool, it pays to know how to use it. Keep these tips in mind to help increase your online visibility and make your website more eye-catching.