What Does Your Cologne Tells About Your Personality

 Fiona Cologne

Ever noticed that when you’re in a specific mood, you would almost always go for a certain cologne scent? What cologne matches your personality the best? To shine more light on this, read on ladies.

Classic and Elegant

This is probably the most common fragrance personality there is. Women love to go for floral notes – like rose, jasmine, freesias and cassias. They say that these types of scents are usually preferred by those who have grace even under pressure.

Sweet Romanticist

Sweet yet romantic, notes of vanilla and musk are the usual oils added to the bottle. They exude a sweet note that can attract anyone to you while the succeeding notes will make them stay. If you’re a type of girl that is magnetic and has a really loving personality, you should really try this on.

Sporty and Minimalistic

Although a tough scent to crack, girls who are part of this personality type are the ones that can keep a leveled head on any situation and even on the go. Clean and fresh, you should go for notes of citrus and greens. Fruity scents are also for keeps on this one. One whiff and it all becomes clear to the thoughts.

Enchantingly Mysterious

Do not think this personality is the type that will keep you guessing. Rather, they are the women that have a little bit of conservation towards revealing more of themselves. If you’re the mysterious type, try a mix of floral and fruity scents. These are the girls that have a lot of surprises and you will want to know them more.

Fun and Quirky

Bubbly, energetic, lively – you name it! These girls’ energy levels are always enough to make a crowd of zombies feel alive again. And with citrus notes on her side, you just can’t help but be electrified at how awesome she is. You’re bound to see her around cheer squads and the like.

Bohemian Goddess

Down to earth, laid back and free spirits are what best describe these ladies. Woody and mossy fragrances that pay respect and love to Mother earth, every whiff will relax and ground you. You could always have them around because they are the most honest and genuine. Plus, they’re perfect exploration buddies!

Vintage Soul

Nostalgia is their best asset. With a perfect combination of floral and spices, they will show you how time travel really works. These types of ladies are in love with how romantic the old days were and would appreciate a trip to the museum. Plus, their fashion is almost always on point with vintage pieces. Time-tested classic, yes?

Bold Adventurer

Do not be intimidated by these beauties for they thrive on adventure and exploration. Oriental notes like sandalwood, musk, and spices are what keeps them going. They love to learn a new skill and are not afraid to test out new OOTD’s. They are always on the lookout for the next adventure. For them, life is too short for boring memories.

Find your personality in the mix? Hmmm. I guess you got an idea on how much your cologne is such a reflection to what your personality is. But do not be afraid to try out new things for our personalities can also depend on who we are with! Don’t be afraid to have more than one and even mix and match because that makes it better and more exciting.

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