Top 5 Manual Transmission Car Models Available in Stores

Top 5 Manual Transmission Car Models Available in Stores2

Most of us are lucky to live in an age of convenience, safety, and modern technology. In a time, however, when “automatic” has become the norm, there is something about manual transmission cars that some people still love.

Although modern automatic transmissions have the capacity to beat the manual gearboxes in terms of performance and fuel economy, driving a manual transmission car give drivers a sense of being in complete control. The driver feels a connection with his car and the road, making the driving experience more intimate.

Understanding How Manual Transmission Works

The transmission is the key component that controls and changes the gear of the engine. It uses the power of the car to move the engine at different speed levels. While a car with an automatic transmission simplifies the process of driving, like shifting gears using accurate operating systems, manual transmission is entirely run and controlled by the driver.

Top 5 Manual Transmission Car Models Available in Stores2

Cars Models that Offers the Best Manual Transmission

While some car enthusiasts may consider manual transmission no longer a trend, there are still car companies that offer top quality transmissions in 2017. If you prefer rowing your own gears, read on to learn this list of awesome cars that you can still drive with a stick.

1. Ford Focus RS – Ford provides manual transmission car enthusiasts a great combination of stability, handling, reliability, utility, and capability. Ford Focus RS is designed with 345 horsepower, tarmac clawing AWD, and Drift Mode, which makes it an absolute joy to drive.

2. Jeep Wrangler Willys- Jeep Wrangler has remained one of the top choices of manual transmission car enthusiasts due to its six-speed manual transmission, which makes the driver highly capable of driving a rough terrain with its 285 horsepower engine.

3. Honda Civic Si – This sport-injected, 201 horsepower amazing vehicle comes with a six-speed transmission that is attached to a helical limited slip-differential.

4. Subaru BRZ – This rear wheel drive coupe comes with a powerful 200 horsepower engine and a six-speed manual transmission. It also has a terrific suspension, with a low gravity, sharp steering, and balanced chassis.

5. Nissan Juke Nismo RS – This super sporty compact crossover has a six-speed manual transmission that keeps you close to the action on whatever kind of terrain you are cruising. Its triple-cone synchronisers in first and second gears gives the vehicle a quick and accurate shifting.

Manual Transmission Maintenance Tips

Top 5 Manual Transmission Car Models Available in Stores2

1. Check the Fluids – Keeping an eye on the fluids is one of the best things you can do to keep the car’s transmission system in tip-top shape. However, changing the transmission fluid is not a simple task as changing the engine oil. Depending on the level of fluid, a service technician, who offers transmission repair services in Pickering, is able to check and address the problem. Transmission leakage can also create problems that is why it is important to pinpoint and stop the problem as soon as possible.

2. Do Not Ride the Clutch – The driver should completely release the clutch while shifting.

3. Shift Correctly – There are two ways that you can harm or weaken the gears of your transmission and should be avoided:

  • Staying in the first gear while building up speed
  • Shifting in the first gear to reverse without stopping completely