Top 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Using Hair Wax

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Hair wax is one of the best products ever invented for the modern gentlemen. Simple yet versatile, light yet strong, a jar of this wonder will really go a long way. But, believe it or not, there are stuff that you should never do when you want use wax on your hair. So check out the top 3 things and see what blunders you have been up to.

The Wrong Type of Hair Wax

There are a lot of wax products in the market but it boils down to the type of hair and look you are going for. But, if without the correct details, you might end up getting the wrong type for the wrong purpose.

If you want to seriously set your hairstyle, go for the highest hold possible, like Grips Hair Wax Xtreme Hard and Mat. The 75g jar has a 7/7 hold ratio which means you can be sure to rule over it, anytime. This is also great for thick and wavy hair since you can set them in place easily.

If you’re gearing for a medium hold with a shiny aftereffect, you can go for Grips Hair Wax Hard and Shiny. You can still go sleek and dapper without the fear of losing it when moisture comes to visit. This is great for formal looks.

For dude who like to go natural and flexible, then Grips Hair Wax Hard and Mat is perfect for you. Your casual days on the urban streets would always be on point.

Too Much Product

Remember this golden rule – Less is more!

One of the best way to use hair wax is use little product and in stages. Take an amount similar to the size of a coin and spread it evenly on your hair, if you need more because you have thicker hair, add more but only half the amount your start with. It’s easier to add more product rather than removing it from your hair.

Combing with a Comb

Probably one of the biggest blunder you could do is using a comb – most especially a fine tooth comb – when trying to style you hair. Combs actually have a rough surface under a magnifying glass. The surface, and also the teeth of the com itself, means that the more you comb your hair, the more product you lose. Ever wondered why your style isn’t holding whenever you start combing? Who knew right?

But how can you style it without combing it? Simple! Use your hands!

Since wax is smoother compared to other hair products, it’s easier to style with your hands, plus, you’re not removing much of the product.

There you have it! So, what blunders have you been up to?

To know more on how best to your hair wax, check our Grips Wax for more info.

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