Top 3 New Year’s Style Resolutions that Guys Should Really Keep

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New Year’s resolutions are now a habit for all of us to practice whenever the clock strikes twelve and it’s officially day 1 of a new year. Some of us would even start making them even before the end of the year and boast about them on social media and end up taking everything back roughly around 2-3 months after the New Year. And guys are no exception to this.

To be more specific, we listed down the top 6 resolutions guys promise to do and should really follow through them.

  1. Clean-out their Closets

Most guys don’t have a lot in their closets but the fact remains that there are some stuff that they have not worn since they were college and probably have holes on them or don’t even fit anymore. Most guys would say they’ll go through all of their stuff but, most of them, are more likely to skip this part, procrastinate, and add it to the next year’s set of resolutions to make and boast about. Unless someone makes them, this is just another vicious cycle to life.

  1. Dress better

There are guys who are born naturalists – which mean that they are contented with wearing a t-shirt with denim jeans and chucks. And that’s totally okay but when you wear that to all of your events in life, some things have got to change. It doesn’t have to be something from the runways of Tom Ford but it could look like one. Guys should try to give dressing up a try they’ll be amazed to how more confident they are. But if the guy won’t really budge, maybe just throwing a black blazer over his usual style would do the trick.

  1. Have better hair

Though there are guys who are now becoming how their crowns look like, either i private or public, there are still some rough diamonds out there that only had at least 1 barber’s appointment for the past year (or years). Unless they’re preparing for a Jared Leto inspired hairdo, they should really tune-up their hairstyle for the next year.

They should also brush up on their hair products know how. First impressions, especially for corporate events and even like job interviews, are something you want to have an A+. They should start investing on a good jar of hair wax that can do more and offer great flexibility on style. Hair wax products, like Grips Hair Wax, should be part of their daily arsenal. Grips Wax Hard and Shiny, for example, can hold up their brand new quiff for a day of meet-ups and still look good for a dinner date after.

Felt guilty reading on some lines? Then you should really keep your promises because resolutions are not only a promise you make on other people but most especially to yourself. So, stop procrastinating already. How many New Year’s would it have to take for you to follow through?

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