Starting Day 1 of 2017 Right with your Cologne



The year is almost over and it’s going to be another 365 days to count before the next one arrives. Think of your blessings this year and work on leveling it up for 2017!


Fragrances, like cologne, offer such new beginnings too. There would be a moment close to the final quarter of the year where you felt that you have already outgrown your own scent and that you’re ready for something much better or more diverse or even perhaps a complete 180 to what you’re used to splashing on. ¬†Even your favorite cologne can smell static or irrelevant to you if it does not resonate what your soul sings.


On day 365, it would then be obvious that you have totally outgrown yourself compared to who you were on day 1 of 2016. And that’s super fab. It shows that you made improvements in your life that have transformed you into a better version of your being.


So, if you’re planning to get a new cologne by the start of New Year, ask yourself that. Who are you now? Are you now more daring? Or have you rediscovered your inner queen? Or are now more loose and lively compared to how you started the year? The answers to these questions are what you can use to base your choice for the new favorite cologne. So, do be honest with yourself. You want to start the New Year right, after all.


Before the year ends, check your closet! You might be amazed on how your style evolved over the months passed. You’ll find yourself giggling after you realized you’ve traded your skirts for pairs of pants and your fierce heels for comfy flats or even vice versa. This can also be your base in deciding which cologne suits you better now. And there are plenty to choose from, especially if you look at the prime selection from Fiona Cologne.
So, start the year right and check yourself. Are you now ready for a whole new favorite cologne? If yes, go for it. Don’t hold back. You deserve it, girl.

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