3 Exciting Reasons to Focus on Quality Content in SEO

Every business has an image and message they want to convey to customers (and potential ones). In this day in age, it is all about value, transparency, and customer service. Not only is the marketplace highly competitive but it is evolving at a rate faster than ever before.

Have you ever met a business owner who said they had it all together on day one? Some of the most inspirational stories of businesses come from those who started with nothing but built an empire. With this being said, every business starts from scratch and uses creativity and passion to earn each customer they have.

Quality content is a strong factor in defining a business’ brand, and helps to establish a sense of trust and authority with the ultimate goal of creating a repeat visitors and clients.

Lucrative Search Results


There has been a new language used in the marketing world in recent years. This language is called search engine optimization (“SEO” for short). This technique can be employed by businesses in different industries and can really help drive sales and business growth over time.

Despite its ability to give your company a competitive edge, SEO is not a well-understood concept and sometimes takes the help of a specialist to get it right. If you ask CEOs what Google considers to be high quality content, you may get a lot of blank stares. On the other hand, if you ask a content marketer, or someone who helps to build websites for companies, you could get a detailed description that may leave you scratching your head.


What is Quality Content?

Google, the most popular search engine in the world, is in the business of answering questions. However, it is not just answers people are after but products, services, and goal achievement.

Not only does Google answer generic questions to lead people in the right direction, but it does so as intuitively as possible. By doing this, Google connects consumers with business owners, integrating with the way people use technology. Essentially, search results are what drives consumers to you.


Putting Your Business on the Map

The first question any business owner needs to ask themselves before they begin a marketing campaign is what they are selling and why. Perhaps the most important part of this equation is why they are selling a product and how they plan to build their customer base. Quality content is one way to explain the four most important elements of a business – who, what, where, and why.

Quality content can build a sense of trust among customers. This same content can either bore or excite them while influencing them on a personal level. With every visitor, you should aim to grab their attention and seek to add value to their online experience each step of the way.

Engaging content builds brand awareness, creates brand preferences, and even works to expand the brand’s reach to potential customers at the lowest cost possible. The benefits of well-written, engaging, informative content can go well beyond ranking in the search engines. Although there is a specific algorithm used by Google to help business “rank” and show up in search results, the most important aspect is engagement.


Winning Over Your Customers


Depending on what a business sells, there may be certain media that is more appropriate for content marketing than others. In fact, if a website does not capture the attention of the reader in such a way to get their interest within three seconds, they may leave your site and go to a competitor’s. Images and videos help to create an exciting, fun message that will keep visitors asking questions. The more you influence your potential customer and let them know you can meet their needs, the higher your site will rank in Google.

Quality content can be measured by metrics and customer engagement. In order to improve search rankings, you may want to think about how your services and products help people. While ranking is important to the health of your brand, your content should primarily create a good user experience.

Logistically, quality content is anything Google decides is worth sharing not just once, but over and over again – even on social media.

Successful business owners consistently look for ways to improve their brand by learning what customers want. This can be accomplished by discovering what they are interested in, what questions they are asking, what worries they have, what their goals are, and anything that may concern them about a specific product, service, or industry.


Keys to Success

Your business can stand out by going above and beyond to answer questions and provide information while providing value. When a business posts content on a regular basis, it also creates more trust with customers.

Most importantly, quality content that meets today’s SEO standards focuses on the customer. Quality content does not aim to sell with gimmicks and salesy language similar to a persistent car salesman. It is important to explain why a customer would benefit from your content.

This is where Keyboarding the Market comes into play – we can help you meet and exceed your goals. When you hire an SEO specialist, you will receive insight and guidance you need to develop your brand and improve its impact on potential customers. This may be a compilation of fun and engaging content as well as catchy web design. Using SEO techniques can lead to repeat customers and greater sales.

When you expect only the best, trust in our content marketing skills to help your business rank quickly and efficiently. We care about you, our customer, as much as we care about the customers who can make your business dreams come true. Subscribe to our website today to learn more.